Five Nights in Anime Game Online Play For Free

Everyone has tried horror games at least once in their life. And if you remember the famous Five Nights at Freddy’s, now you are offered to play something very similar. But this time, everything is fully redesigned. So what’s new in this release? First of all, the main characters changed. Now these are not insane animatronics but lovely anime girls. The whole plot is now offered in an erotic frame. But it does not make the player’s task easier. On the contrary, it becomes even more trickier to win if you misinterpret the plans of your opponents! Now everything is entirely in your hands – will you follow your mind and manage to withstand the treacherous beauty of the antagonists or will you follow your heart and lose your life?

Beauty can be misleading!

In the original story, you met insane toys that unexpectedly came to life and were trying to catch the main character who worked as a night guard in the pizzeria. These antagonists had scary and disgusting appearances. And a player automatically understood it was better to stay away from them. This time, the situation changes drastically. Now you will not see dreadful monsters as it is usually the case in any horror game. On the contrary, you will meet lovely anime girls. They look really attractive with nice curves and tempting outfits. This fact immediately brings more players to test their luck with so gorgeous adversaries. But it does not mean that their intentions are also positive. It is a false impression. These anime heroines are just waiting to fool you around and then kill you without hesitation. You will watch this enticing company going to the parties and have fun. But keep watching them through surveillance cameras only. Do not allow beauties to lure you into their traps as it will mean a fatal ending for you. And it is going to be extremely difficult!

Hold out for as long as you can

Even if your opponents look appealing, you should not lose vigilance even for a second. That is the aim of the game – not to give in to tempting –looking antagonists. The gameplay repeats the original plot. And the only difference is that the player will not be scared this time. He will be controlling nice girls, and this pretty picture may force him to forget about everything else. And it will be the main mistake as nice appearance is only a mask used by crazy killers. They will do everything to unbalance you – the girls will even dance a striptease in front of the cameras. But whatever you see on the screen – try not to lose your sober thinking. Everything in front of you is just a fake. Do not forget your primary task – to guard the premises and watch that everything remains in place. If you are strong enough to follow the instructions during five nights – you will win this confrontation. But if you are seduced by these hot opponents, your life is over. Now it is time to decide for yourself which ending is better for you. Note that this trial will be extremely difficult as you are only armed with a flashlight. Every time the danger is around, you must quickly get locked in your tiny guard’s room. Keep an eye on the monsters through the surveillance cameras and avoid meeting them face to face. Your powers are not equal, and you will surely lose the fight. The only method to survive is to think ahead and outwit treacherous toys. So rack your brain to foresee their actions and protect yourself from the unexpected attack. There is no one to help you, only your logic and non-standard thinking can help you hold out for these five nights full of horror and extremes!

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