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This online game is devoted to one just event – the kidnapping of a young man. His name is Rylan and he is a freshman in the university. He was living a routine student life but one day everything changed. Rylan found himself in a cold basement tied to a chair. Who did it with him? Soon, it turns out that his kidnapper is John Blanc. He is a reach douchebag and seems to have some feelings for the hero. But unfortunately, Rylan is not interested at all. So there will be no romance story as the kidnapper was expecting.

You play for an imprisoned guy, and now your main task is to escape from this terrible place. At first, it seems unrealistic as you are locked. But while the hero was thinking really hard what to do, the unexpected help came. And it was his friend from the university – Eugene. Now this guy is developing a plan to release him. At first, he passes a knife for Rylan to cut the tape. Once you free up yourself, you can explore the location around and look for an exit. You will find yourself in a sort of a maze with an endless chain of rooms. Will you be able to find the right door and finally leave your prison? There are different endings possible, check how the story will end for you!

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