Monsters Attack Impostor Squad

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We know impostors as cold-blooded killers and evil characters that shouldn’t be trusted. However, in this game they are in danger, and they need your help to get saved from a crowd of aggressive monsters. Three little impostors have to oppose a whole army of the scariest and most dangerous creatures from FNF, Poppy Playtime and other famous horror games. Will you be able to defeat them all?

Three impostors fighting monsters from popular horror games!

This game is played in teams of three. Each of the teams contains three impostors that need to coordinate their actions and come up with a winning tactics to fend off waves of monster attacks. Use various weapons and maneuvers, show great teamwork and make sure none of the vile creatures comes dangerously close to you! With every new wave, it will become more and more difficult to stay alive. Get into play, invite your friends to join you for a gripping monster battle and enjoy the adrenaline!

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