Five Nights in Anime 3

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The adventures of treacherous anime girls continue! If you played previous chapters of this horror game, you know that these lovely characters have successfully replaced evil animatronics from the famous FNAF series. The game has been fully remastered, but its key idea remained the same. Once again you will have to face cute animatronics created in anime style. They are now shown as pretty girls but the appearance is often tricky. Although they look harmless and even sexy, they still pose a considerable danger to you! You will again play for a guard who got the task to patrol the club for five nights. He hoped for a peaceful job but found himself amidst a true nightmare!

This story takes place years after the first confrontation with anime girls. So you will see lots of old and new characters. As earlier, the main point is not to become their victim. The girls are more than appealing and it would be extremely hard not to get seduced. And they will be trying all methods to lull your attention. Once you openly meet them, you will not be able to remain strong for a long time. So the best approach is to avoid being seen by these antagonists, let alone being approached by them. Stay in your guard’s room that is equipped with the surveillance cameras. From here, you will be able to monitor the whereabouts of all opponents and lock the entrance to your place in time. The girls know they are pretty and will try to use it against you.

Do not be tempted even if you see some striptease dancing on your screen. Once they manage to catch you, their romance mood will immediately disappear and they will get rid of you with no hesitation. So no matter how tempting it is to hug one of the girls, it is better to stay away and wait till the morning. You will have to go through five nights in the company of these seductive anime beauties. Will you have enough self-control to oppose to their attraction? Start this adventure right now – the process is really engaging and will even make you startle from unexpected twists sometimes! And even if you do not win from the first time, do not give up and make another try!

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