Zoolax Nights

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Antique shops often keep a sea of mysteries and secrets. And just in such a place the events of this terrible story unfold. Why terrible? Start playing and you will find out for yourself. The plot will immediately remind you of the famous game Five Nights at Freddy’s. As in the original, you will play for a night guard who received a job in a vintage store. This place is known for its bad reputation but no one is able to explain what exactly is wrong there. The only thing you know is that they sell some strange dolls that are also called Clowns of Evil.

But the main character feels brave enough not to pay attention to stupid rumors. But very soon, he will be deeply sorry about his decision. Already during the first night, you will find out that these strange dolls can come to life turning into real monsters that are ruthlessly deal with any living being on their way. You cannot live the place now, unfortunately, as you have already signed a contract to spend at least size nights here. Now your main task is to survive in extreme conditions, remaining alive until dawn. The mysterious clowns have magical powers, and it will not be so easy to hide from these bloodthirsty creatures. The only solution is to pull yourself together and strictly adhere to the instructions of the company in order to protect yourself.

You will be able to use surveillance system to monitor the opponents’ whereabouts. You can take advantage of two modes of security cameras – one will display what is going on in the ground level and the other will record events in the basement. Every night you will face new challenges as Evil Clowns are not going to give up their idea to kill you. The company is working around the clock to solve the mystery of these evil creatures, and you are needed to help them. It will be a scary and terrifying mission as your life is at stake. Every night, you will receive new instructions on how to struggle through another night. Join this horror to check your survival skills!

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