Five Nights At Teletubby Mansion DEMO

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Many players associate Teletubbies with funny and friendly creatures with antennas and screens on their tummies from a popular children’s animated film. But this time, instead of lovely characters, you will face some terrible antagonists. The plot is very similar to the FNAF story. Your character has been hired to watch for an old mansion where some valuable items had been stolen. Now you need to guard the remaining stuff. What can be easier than to spend a few nights in an empty building? But the routine job will instantly transform into a horror story once it gets dark and you are left completely alone in this gloomy building.

It immediately turned out that there is someone else around. And to your great horror, you will see that you are surrounded by evil Teletubbies. Now these little characters transformed into bloodthirsty monsters that are going to reach you any moment. Your main task is to survive in this dangerous place with enemies hunting you from every corner. Think ahead and be wiser than your opponents and do not let them catch you. Hide and lock the door in time to remain alive! It is going to be a real challenge that will keep you on your tenterhooks until you win!

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