Five Nights in Anime

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A new horror game invited all thrill-seekers to go through some scary adventures. This time, the creators tried to develop a thrilling plot for the adult audience and just all anime lovers. The story was inspired by the famous FNAF series where the hero had to fight against crazy animatronics. But now the whole arrangement has somewhat changed. You will get a job of a night guard as in the original. Though you will work not in the pizzeria anymore. Now, you will be patrolling some other premises where different shows are regularly held. Your task did not change – you need to watch around for no one to break in or steal anything. But very soon, you will discover that someone else is in the building.

Who is it? To your great surprise, several lovely girls will appear in front of you. They all are wearing tempting outfits and are very seducing. But this is only an illusion to mislead the player. Actually, the attractive appearance is only a cover being used by true monsters. If you hope for some romance, you will be disappointed very soon. It will turn out, that lovely girls are insane animatronics that pursue only one mission – to kill you! The sooner you realize it, the better for you! Now you need to create an effective survival plan not to fall their victim before the morning comes.

But how to stay safe if your enemies are approaching you through all possible channels, including even ventilation shaft? You have no weapon to kill or attack them. The only way to protect yourself is to keep these antagonists at a distance? How to achieve it if they know where your room is located? You will have lots of cameras to monitor different areas of the building. So always check where the antagonists are at the moment. If you see any of them coming to close to the door, lock it immediately. But you cannot keep it locked for a long time as your electricity supply will be over.

Hence, you need to continuously maneuver. The main thing is to avoid a meeting with these anime characters as they will not let you out of their hugs once they manage to catch you. There are five difficult nights ahead of you. Will you manage to survive? The gameplay is both scary and humorous, and you will definitely enjoy it. But do your best not to finish your adventure too soon. Use all your strengths to go through five shifts and prove you are really invulnerable!

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