Five Nights in Anime 2

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If you feel that the FNAF horror game is too childish for you, we have a cool alternative for you! And it is the same story about a night guard but told in a completely new way. Are you intrigued? Then let’s get started. The plot starts as in the old variant – you play for a night guard. However, you are not in the pizzeria and your opponents are not toys any more. So, you need to work in some sort of a club that organizes different adult shows. On the first day, all seemed quiet until the door closed behind the last visitor. You only wanted to sigh with relief when strange events start to unfold around. You are shocked to find out that you are not alone. Who is there? Your surprise will grow when you see your opponents.

These are anime girls wearing erotic suits and looking really appealing. They will do all possible to lure you into a trap. They will even dance for you to force you to lose your vigilance. If in the earlier chapter you were playing against only girls, this time their quantity increased. Now you will also confront Puppet and Balloon Babe. These antagonists are especially treacherous. The funny thing is that instead of a weapon you will use panties. These will protect you from all animatronics except for Puppet. Will you learn how to use these correctly to stay safe? The adventure is really thrilling as you alone will deal with nine opponents at once. And looking at their sexy shapes, it will be more than difficult to focus on the main task.

You should remember the most important thing – all this show is played for you with the aim to get you relaxed and kill you. So stop staring at these tempting beauties and return to your work. Use the cameras in your room to watch how the antagonists move around and keep your shelter locked when any of them approaches the door. This game is considered to be a horror genre but is more of a parody and has lots of humorous situations. You will be entertained a lot of excellent graphics and the unexpected twists of the plot. This engaging confrontation with anime beauties is not so innocent and will make your brain work hard if you want to outperform them. Only the smartest players will be able to survive through five difficult nights with seemingly pretty opponents. Show your best logic skills and prove you deserve a winner title! How many efforts will you need for this? Check it now!

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