Bizarre Custom Night

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All horror lovers must have met crazy animatronics from the FNAF series. And you also remember the original plot, don’t you? You play for a hero who works as a night guard in the pizzeria. Whatever started as an innocent adventure, turns into a real nightmare pretty soon. So the story turns into a deadly confrontation between the poor hero and a company of evil animatronics. Now this challenge repeats again – you are again employed to watch pizzeria premises at night. But one thing has changed. Now, you can select yourself what opponents you want to fight against. You know well, that developers have already created a whole range of crazy dolls. So it is up to you whom exactly you will meet during your first night shift. Furthermore, you will decide for yourself how powerful your enemy is going to be.

Every time you click on the doll, it becomes stronger! If you are fearless enough, you can arrange a really bloodthirsty confrontation where you are going to be the weakest link. Will you be able to survive five nights with monsters around? It is important to keep a very close eye on your opponents. They will actively move around the location, including the ventilation shafts as well. The monsters will use all methods to reach you. So you need to control their movements through the cameras, and if they are close, lock the door immediately. The electricity supply is not unlimited, so think well how you distribute it. You will need to be constantly ready to act. If you remain idle even for a minute, you will pay a really high price for the carelessness. So pull yourself together and enter this ruthless confrontation with evil toys. Do not leave them a single chance to win!

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