FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

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Even puzzles and quests can be full of horrors and jumpscares. So if you love thrills and unexpected twists, welcome to FNAF Ultimate Custom Night. You will play for a usual office guard who was left alone in the building for a night. But he has not even dreamt in his worst nightmare what he will have to go through. With the arrival of the night, all toys have come to life by some magic, and now you need to think about how to survive in this bloodthirsty company. They are trying to hunt you and there are lots of them everywhere around! This time, you will deal with fifty evil animatronics. You can choose yourself who will become your antagonists and how powerful they are going to be. The game allows you to adjust the level of the difficulty according to a scale from 1 to 20.

The higher mark you choose, the angrier the character will become. At the same time, you will have access to all personages from the previous FNAF parts, as well as from many new ones. The task is to remain alive till the morning, when your opponents will transform back into innocent toys. You need to keep an eye on the surveillance cameras, doors, vents, air hoses – these channels will be used by your enemies to penetrate into your room. It is vital to charge the cameras in time and insert batteries in the flashlight. If you are left without these devices, the antagonists will immediately reach you with ease. Now everything depends entirely on your logic and patience. If you act randomly, there is a high chance not to return from this night shift. There are five nights to struggle through, and every time the tasks will be more and more difficult. Will you cope or give up? Start now to test your endurance!

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