Street Skate Superstar

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In this game, your main hero is Freddy Fazbear. But wait – there is no need to get scared to death! This time, this famous animatronic will play a completely different role. Even monsters sometimes get tired of continuous horrors and jumpscares and look for some other things to do. So Freddy is going to have some fun on a skateboard. But you know well how clumsy a giant bear may, so he will definitely need your help now. The gameplay is very simple, as you only need to press the start button to activate the wheels of a skateboard. But the road in front of you is full of unexpected holes and barriers. So it is vital to teach your hero to masterfully avoid these obstacles. It is enough to press the left button on the mouse to enable Freddy to jump and easily land on the other platform.

As he moves on, he will see different boosters floating in the air. It can be a piece of pizza or an energetic drink. Food will bring you a score bonus and drinks will increase your speed. The idea of the game is to cover as long distance as possible and reach the highest score. But once your character rides really fast, it will become a real challenge to jump over the abyss in time and pick up bonuses at the same time. This simple entertainment is an efficient workout for your logic and reaction. You can play it without downloading from either your computer or smartphone. Train well and allow the animatronic to become a real king of street skateboarding. This engaging process will keep you busy for many hours until you real the level of a true virtuoso. Start the exciting adventure right now, you will definitely enjoy it!

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