FNAF The Amazing Digital Circus

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You have just recovered from a deadly confrontation with animatronics from pizzeria, when you seem to get into new trouble. This new entertainment has also been created in the FNAF series style. So what’s the challenge this time? As before, you will play for a night guard. But this time, you are safeguarding not a pizzeria, but a big park. However, one shit your working routine has been interrupted. You get a message that an insane toy has escaped the digital circus and is hiding somewhere in your park! It seems you are in danger!

You must survive at any cost!

The evil toy is known as Pomni. She was a prisoner of the digital circus, but managed to run away. It is difficult to predict her behavior, but one thing is sure – you must keep away from this creature. Luckily, there are many cameras installed across the park. So you can monitor her moves on the screen. But note that your power supply is restricted. Make sure you recharge the generator in time. You have to hold out through the night to survive. And in total, there are five night shifts like that. Will you manage to avoid the dangerous opponent and remain alive? Every new shift comes with more obstacles and risks!

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