Clown Nights

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Have you ever played the FNAF horror game? Then you know well that the seemingly safe job of a night guard can become a deadly challenge. But if you enjoyed the thrills in that story, you definitely need to play this thrilling entertainment. Here, you will also work as a guard, but this time, events unfold in the circus. At first glance, the job seems really exciting – everything is bright and colorful. But things stop being funny when you are left completely alone here. And clowns become your main opponents. Even if they are smiling their grins are rather evil.

You never know what emotions and intentions these characters can hide under their costumes. And this time, they are openly aggressive and trying to reach from literally behind every corner. So your main task is to survive! You will have to live the most terrible seven nights in your life. You will be acting alone against a whole gang of insane clowns. They cannot trick you anymore – you need to avoid approaching them too close, otherwise this meeting will be fatal for you. So move carefully around watching carefully to keep at a safe distance from your enemies. When they come too close to the guard room, lock the door not to let them in! Do all you can to remain alive!

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