Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

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Freddy’s robots are back again! Are you ready for a new adventure with these evil creatures? This time you will return to the pizzeria in a new role. Your character is no longer a security guard. Now you will play for a technician who was hired by the owners to repair the robots and fix them. Do you think this new role is less risky? You are terrible mistaken!

Do not get relaxed even for a minute!

While some robotic toys need service and repair, others are still very dangerous and will look for a favorable moment to attack you. As in previous chapters, you will have a tiny office in the pizzeria where you will perform all the work. You will deal with the toys you already met and with a new animatronic – Springtrap. The opponents will try to penetrate into your room to get closer to you! Be especially careful with all ventilation shafts – they can easily use this channel to pop up in front of you. Try to stay safe for 5 shifts for the game to end up positively for you!

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