Friday Night Funkin vs Freddy Fazbear

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It seems every player knows Freddy Fazbear, an evil animatronic from the pizzeria. He is known for his bad temper and the readiness to kill anyone who stands on his way. But to be fair, the monster is more than tired to sit in his pizzeria and wait for new victims. But what else this animated doll can do? You will be surprised but this clumsy-looking bear can dance and sing really well. Someone told this character about exciting rap battles that are continuously held in the FNF musical series and now Freddy is full of desire to meet Boyfriend and demonstrate his best skills in the rap battle. It is not a joke, this animatronic immediately went to implement his plan. And what is really scary he is more than sure that the poor Boyfriend will become his next achievement.

So far, nobody could outwit this cunning antagonist. So what will happen now to our beloved couple? The relationship of Boyfriend and Girlfriend is at stake! Daddy Dearest cannot even hide how happy he is – he has not the slightest doubt that this time, the opponent will literally destroy the poor Boyfriend from the first effort. How to help the main character? If you played FNF before, you know the rules. Boyfriend needs to dance to the music rhythm without mistakes, namely, his every move should fully sync with the song beats. And you can help the guy to succeed by pressing arrow symbols on the screen, matching every single note. If you manage to maintain his progress bar green till the very end of the soundtrack, your hero will defeat the crazy animatronic. Do not rush to the music arena without proper training as the songs are very fast and difficult. Test the game in free mode to get some experience before you enter ruthless confrontation.

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