Hungry Lamu

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  • Description
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This horror game is very unusual, but lots of thrills are guaranteed! It starts really peacefully – you meet a lovely lama pet with a cartoonish appearance. The narrator provides you with detailed instructions on where to go and what to do. The first task is to find some food for Lamu. It seems an easy thing to do – you just need to take the personage to the park and pick up enough berries for him. However, it seems Lamu is hungrier than you thought.

Things change after the sun goes down!

As the story unfolds, the hero’s behavior becomes less controllable. He unexpectedly kills the live fruits he meets in the same park. And when it gets dark, events become really terrifying. The appearance of Lamu changes, and he looks like a scary human. Furthermore, you will soon find several dead bodies around. What is strange – they all are killed in the same way as Lamu dealt with fruit personages. So who hides behind the main character – an innocent pet or a terrible killer?

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