FNF: FNAF Security Breach Sings Zanta

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A fresh mod is inviting all fans of the FNF musical series to have some more fun. This time, it is an unbelievable crossover with one of the most terrible horror games – FNAF. Earlier, Boyfriend has already confronted various monsters. But it is one thing when you have only one opponent in front of you, and a completely different story when you need to deal with a bunch of them! Just have a look at Boyfriend’s guests this time. These are evil animatronics from FNAF! All of them decided to visit the funny musical universe and compete with its main character. Furthermore, they have even selected the song to match the overall monstrous mood. And they decided to sing about Santa. But it is not going to be a nice holiday song – on the contrary, even this character transforms under the influence of crazy animatronics and they sing about Zombie Santa!

You can imagine that it is more that difficult for Boyfriend to feel comfortable in such a situation. And his opponents only look clumsy – in reality, they are more than creative and can dance pretty well. But the poor guy cannot change anything – he will have to calm down and participate in this rap battle. It is clear enough that our hero needs some support if you want him to win this confrontation. No matter how frightened he may be, you can help him a lot by coordinating his moves. Do you see arrow symbols on the screen, right above the Boyfriend’s head? You will need to press them to match the music rhythm. But the main idea is to do it with no mistakes – the progress bar needs to remain green till the very end of the soundtrack. So listen to the music with all your ears if you want Boyfriend to become a winner again!

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