Playtime Horror Monster Ground

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In most horror games, you have to run and hide from terrible monsters. This one is different though. Here you will become a monster yourself, and it’s other characters that will have to rescue their skin at your sight! Set out on a wild monster hunt and try to kill as many people as you can in this riveting game!

You’re a monster now!

It’s time to feel like a mighty monster whose fangs are sharp enough to rip human flesh apart instantly and whose claws leave deep scratches even on metal doors! You will enjoy the speed and strength this game will endow you with. But it’s up to you to demonstrate outstanding hunting skills allowing you to track your victim and get to them unexpectedly with one apt spring without scaring them off. The longer you play the better you become at it. Start learning the wicked and crooked monster ways right now and enjoy this amazing monster simulator that will surely become one of your favorite horror games!

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