FNF vs GIFfany

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The FNF musical series has become really popular in the gaming community. So Boyfriend has a lot of fans. But as this hero continuously meets new and new opponents, he also has lots of fans among characters from other games. And this time, another Boyfriend’s admirer comes to see him. This is Giffany from the Disney romance show known as Gravity Falls. This girl is designed in an anime style. You know well that Boyfriend’s antagonists are always trying to win a music fight at any cost in order to become number one on the FNF scene. But in this mod, the girl has a completely different goal.

Pixel girl Giffany is fond of the main character and is dreaming to take the place of Girlfriend. Will she be able to make it? So you need to help Boyfriend get rid of this unexpected follower. You cannot let down Girlfriend too, right? But this is only one method to realize this plan – you need to outperform the anime heroine in the music competition. Do you know how to do it? Challenge Giffany to the music arena and once the music is on, start dancing, repeating all the song notes. Keep your progress bar green till the very end of the round to win this fierce fight. But if you miss too many rhythm beats, it will turn red and you will lose.

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