Super Friday Night Funkin At Freddy’s 2

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This mod brings a new portion of FNAF personages to the FNF universe. The insane animatronics lost the previous confrontation with Boyfriend and are determined to take revenge. So they arrive with new soundtracks to challenge the blue-haired boy to a fresh series of rap battles. Are you ready to support this character again and help him prove once more he is the best dancer ever?

Do not leave a single chance to your enemies!

If you played FNAF, you know well that robotic toys are very dangerous. It is difficult to stop them if they have a goal to achieve. And it is not easy to imagine what they would do with poor Boyfriend when they manage to win the musical fight. So join the hero in the dancing arena to help him move with no mistakes. He should fully match the rhythm of the music and repeat its every beat! Make sure to correctly press the colored arrows you will see on the screen. Do not forget to monitor your health bar – if you move randomly, it will get empty, and Boyfriend will lose.

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