FNaF: Final Purgatory

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Welcome to an excellent remake of the FNAF horror game! You are going to participate in a thrilling adventure, in which you will be acting against crazy animatronics again. But if you knew what to expect in the original release, here it is more complicated. You will be dealing in a randomly generated environment, where you have no idea of room locations, number of animatronics and other things. Every time, you will have to rely on your instincts and logic. You remember the main task in this entertainment, don’t you? The main character gets a job in the pizzeria. From now on, he needs to guard the place at night. It seems more than easy at first glance. But you are completely mistaken if you think the same. You will bitterly regret your careless decision very soon. But now, you need to start working – you signed a contract to spend five nights, from 12 pm to 6 am in this building.

So, already during the first night, you will discover that you are in danger. Lovely toys that were entertaining the kids and other visitors during the day, drastically changed and turned into bloodthirsty monsters. They are not happy you entered their territory and will be doing all in their power to reach you and deal with you. Now, these toy monsters are even more treacherous than in the original game. And it will not be enough sometimes to keep your doors locked. You will have to find other effective methods to stay protected. Each animatronic has special powers, and you must react with lightning speed to all their actions. Are you ready for such a challenge? You will need to be on the alert the whole night through if you really want to remain alive. Good luck!

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