UCN Jumpscare Simulator

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If you are tired to play with one and the same animatronics, we have something new for you. The creators of evil toys did not sit still and made new scary characters. And now you are invited to test them all. Before you start this crazy adventure, you can browse through the character gallery and select the animatronics you want to interact with. All of them are unique and come with an exclusive set of parameters. Besides, each toy can produce a heartbreaking screamer that will make your heart beat faster. The plot is very close to the original FNAF game – your character received a new job in the pizzeria. He needs to guard this place at night. It looks really safe and lovely with funny interactive toys that entertain the visitors during the daytime. But once you are left alone here, everything immediately changes.

You notice some rustles and noises from different corners. And if you look closer, you will be terrified to discover that these are toys that looked so friendly just a few hours ago. Now they are completely transformed into terrible monsters that are not happy at all about your intrusion into their life. You cannot run away or ask for help. You are literally in a trap in a tiny guard’s room. All you have is the electronic lock on the door and surveillance cameras. But you cannot keep the door locked all the time as your electricity supply is not endless. You will have to watch the movements of your enemies and keep the door protected when they are too close. A really sleepless night awaits you now. Will you survive till the morning? Only the most attentive and fearless players will pass this trial! Join now to prove you are one of them!

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