Five Nights at Fulp’s

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This horror adventure will immediately bring associations with the popular FNAF series. But you will not work as a nigh guard in the pizzeria. This time, the plot will take you to the Newgrounds office where you will have to stay overnight. And the worst thing is that you are not going to be alone there – all Newgrounds character will wander around with quite evil intentions. Something wrong happened to Pico, Tankman and other characters from this crowd. They will try to catch you!

You must survive five nights!

These transformed characters are determined to reach you, but they are dangerous only at night. So you must pull together all your courage and fend all their attacks decently. Only your reaction and a well-thought-out strategy can help you predict the behavior of each of your opponents. All of them come with different qualities, and that makes the task extremely difficult for the player! Will you manage to learn them all well enough to succeed?

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