Pen Pineapple Five Nights at Freddys

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If you love the famous FNAF series with evil animatronics, then you should definitely try similar entertainment. No matter how strange it may sound, your main opponents are fruits. But they are evil enough, and you need to neutralize them all. The only weapon you have is a simple pen. And you should use it as an arrow to throw it and pierce your enemies to death. It is going to be a real challenge as it is very difficult to correctly predict the pen’s trajectory as this tool often moves faster or slower than you need.

Your weapon is always in the center of the screen, and the crazy fruits are continuously running from one side to the other. You need to find out how fast the pen flies in order to launch it and hit the monstrous fruits for sure. If you manage to throw it precisely and hit the target two times in a row, you will receive a bonus. However, even if you make one wrong shot, you will have to start everything from the very beginning. But do not get upset as you will master the technique very soon if you train a little. This gameplay is endless and encourages the players to set new records. This free entertainment will develop your accuracy and just allow you to have great time with these funny characters!

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