Chainsaw Dance

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This game is inspired by the famous manga series about Chainsaw Man. And it even could be called funny but if you fail, the outcome is tragic. So what is it all about? You play for a character going on a date. But you will be shocked to know whom you will date! It is a cruel person who loves to see his opponents balance between life and death. Your character will have to take part in a thrilling rhythm quest where he will either win or die! Sounds intriguing, right? Though, do not hope that you will see something funny like in the FNF rap competitions. Here, the atmosphere is closer to a horror game. The rules seem simple enough – you need to dance to the rhythm of the song. What can be simpler than to dance? But it is too early to make such a conclusion. There in one nuance – you are not allowed to make mistakes.

Even if you misstep one time only, your character will be doomed to death. The scary enemy is just waiting for this happen so that he can attack you with sharp teeth. So it is absolutely mandatory to hit the arrow keys you see on the screen to match the song beats. There are plenty of lovely melodies in these game but you may pay a really high price if you do not approach the task seriously. Are you still ready to give it a try? Then first of all, you should choose whether you want to play for a girl or for a boy. Then select a soundtrack you are going to dance to. All songs are very catchy, but do not forget that you cannot move randomly as you must flawlessly follow the rhythm. And now start the challenge! If you have never played rhythm games, start with the easiest level. Brush up your dancing skills and improve your musical hearing. Start playing chainsaw challenge and become a true expert. It will surely happen if you really want it!

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