Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

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And again you are back to the well-known pizzeria with murderous animatronics. You may have played already the first episodes of the FNAF series. The events unfold thirty years after the first chapter but the story seems to repeat again. Your hero gets a job of a night guard in Freddy’s pizzeria and needs to work five night shifts here. Do you have enough courage to meet evil robotic toys again? Then let’s get started!

A new animatronic is here!

As before, you will have a tiny room and a restricted amount of electricity. You will need this resource to charge security cameras and control the opponents on the screen. Besides, you will be able to auto lock the door in the most dangerous moments. Besides, it seems that there are new toys here now! It is going to be a really scary trial for all players, even for those who already succeeded in the previous chapters. Start playing now to feel your heart beat faster and test your survival skills!

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