Noob Vs 1000 Freddys

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How good are you at shooting? Then welcome to a successful combination of the FNAF and Minecraft games. This time, the famous Noob will have to confront terrible animatronics from Freddy’s pizzeria. It will not be easy for a character to deal with so many opponents at once. So you need to help the personage cope with this challenge – arm his properly and get enough ammunition to meet the opponents decently.

Explore all the locations!

The players are offered to experience 5 extensive maps in this entertainment. Each of them is literally packed with animated monsters. Every level will challenge you with a task to kill a particular number of enemies. Make sure you do not make mistakes as your health bar will be immediately effected. Join now to see how many opponents you will easily get rid of. Once you kill the villains, you will earn points – accumulate enough funds to upgrade your weapons and ammo. Train well to beat your own record!

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