Siren Head

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  • Description
  • How to play?

This is the most creepy and scary plays ever. Your horror adventures in the dark forest starts right now. Explore the area, meet the monster face to face and kill him if you can. You will see a creature that you will never forget. Immerse yourself in this dark world.

Who is Siren Head?

Siren Head is a unique character that is unlike any other horror monster. All the monsters are just children compared to her. According to legend, this monster is very old and existed long before the advent of civilizations. She scares even the most daring with her appearance. She is tall, thin and emaciated with long arms and legs. The head of this character is the most interesting, because her head is like a pair of speakers that are connected to radio waves and with teeth and tongue. The monster can produce various sounds, songs and signals. With their help, Siren terrorizes all living beings and attracts victims who roam the night forest. She lives in the depths of the forest in anticipation of new victims. Siren can lure absolutely anyone. If you hear someone screaming or a childish melody, do not rush to help, because this Siren can lure you. All people who go to strange sounds die. Siren humanoid will constantly mock and taunt players.

What will be in the game?

Creepy night forest adventures start with a click. Save yourself and find your lost friends. Explore, fight and escape. Solve mysterious puzzles on your way. Utilize your mind with logic to the maximum. Be vigilant and always look around, because no one knows what or who is hiding around the corner. Fight an incredibly scary monster and not in a single case do not fall for his realistic bait. Secrets, darkness, rigidity and mysticism await you. Immerse yourself in this dark world. In addition to the original version, many popular modifications are waiting for you. Scary? Try your strength and endurance right now. Find out if you have the courage to fight the monster and survive.

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